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Friday 20 May 2022

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Welcome In The Rurisnet Square

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One of the objectives for which RurISNet was born are really that to give visibility to the rural areas, above all those poorer than the Planet, also furnishing real supports for their development. One of these supports is RurISNet Square, a square where whatever operator can insert him to discuss, to introduce his products, his services. 

With the insertion in RurISNet Square the Local Development Agencies (with the term Local Development Agency we intend a Subject that has as finality the social and economic development of his area), the Nets of Local Development  Agencies, can realize a stable connection with the Operators and with the Firms of their areas;  can realize a stable connection between them realizing so a "Global System of the Rural Areas" in degree to face and to compare him with the challenges of the globalization. In fact in  RurISNet platform are foreseen  mailings list where  single Firms can converse with  own Agency of development, where the Agencies of development can converse with  own Net, where the Nets of Agencies of development can converse among them to realize the "Global System of the Rural Areas". The insertion in the RurISNet Square is free previous recording. 


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