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Saturday 17 April 2021

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Rurisnet Platform On Line

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After months of job, finally  RurISNet platform is on line. An important finishing line for us. A powerful tool for the rural areas. RurISNet (Rural information Society Network) arises from the consideration of the “local” dimension of the rural realities and it moves in the awareness that this characteristic, even forming on the one hand their point of force, on the other hand it makes them completely inadequate to have a confrontation with markets that are more and more large and global. The Project, therefore, picks the need to exceed the restrictions of the structure implied in this dimension, realizing a “System of rural areas”, able to strengthen the dialogue between the social and economic reality of a district and its own structure of reference, that we could call Agency of Local Development, among the constituent Agencies the System and among the System and the rest of the world, Indispensable communication for an adequate confrontation with global systems, fully observing, of course, the local specificity, bringing out and optimizing unambiguously the social, economic and productive aspects.

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