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Friday 15 February 2019

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  • 17 Jun 2010

    RurISNet presentation

    RurISNet - Rural Information Society Network will be introduced Tuesday 22 June at 15,45 o`clock near the Room Conferences of the Order of the Agronomists of Street Galileo Galilei n. 38, to Palermo. Moderated by the journalist Nino Di Cara, to the presentation will intervene Aurelio Scavone , regional president of the Order of the...

  • 15 Jan 2010

    Welcome In The Rurisnet Square

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Welcome In The Rurisnet  Square One of the objectives for which RurISNet was born are really that to give visibility to the rural areas, above all those poorer than the Planet, also furnishing real supports for their development. One of these supports is RurISNet Square, a square where whatever operator can insert him to discuss, to introduce his products, his...

  • 15 Jan 2010

    Welcome In The Rurisnet Market

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Welcome In The Rurisnet  Market Another real support for the development of the rural areas is the virtual Market of RurISNet. A market devoted to the Firms that want to propose their products their services,; to the Agencies of development and their Nets that want to promote their district. A powerful data base  will allow to find them with extreme facility for...

  • 09 Jan 2010

    Rurisnet Platform On Line

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Rurisnet Platform  On Line After months of job, finally  RurISNet platform is on line. An important finishing line for us. A powerful tool for the rural areas. RurISNet (Rural information Society Network) arises from the consideration of the "local" dimension of the rural realities and it moves in the awareness that this characteristic, even forming on the one hand...

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