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Wednesday 08 February 2023

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Why RurISNet?

RurISNet (Rural information Society Network) arises from the consideration of the “local” dimension of the rural realities and it moves in the awareness that this characteristic, even forming on the one hand their point of force, on the other hand it makes them completely inadequate to have a confrontation with markets that are more and more large and global.

The Project, therefore, picks the need to exceed the restrictions of the structure implied in this dimension, realizing a “System of rural areas”, able to strengthen the dialogue between the social and economic reality of a district and its own structure of reference, that we could call Agency of Local Development, among the constituent Agencies the System and among the System and the rest of the world, indispensable communication for an adequate confrontation with global systems, fully observing, of course, the local specificity, bringing out and optimizing unambiguously the social, economic and productive aspects. In this process the approach to the new communication technologies becomes indispensable, with particular attention to the potentials offered by the broadband internet tool.

The access to this technology is almost precluded to most of the  rural areas; the existing Internet Provider, in fact, do not consider “economically valid” the diffusion of this tool in rural areas, where the possible economic return would not justify the necessary investments.

Leaving out motivations of economic kind, it remains an unacceptable isolation, “digital divide”, for rural areas, which, actually, cannot benefit from the powerful tools put at disposal by the broadband such as e-learning, videoconference, voice-ip, e-marketing, e-government etc., living, actually, a “technical” alienation, which is realized by the impossibility to participate to the global “virtual market”, which communicates and lives with an only language.

On such presuppositions RurISNet is born , whose objective specific it is able, therefore, to synthesize in the realization of a "System of the rural areas", that, using the most advanced technologies, will allow:

  • the coming out of new products and services which include local peculiarities
  • the starting of new methods fitted to interconnect human, natural and/or financial resources of the territories with the object of a better utilization of the respective endogenous potentials
  • the access to new markets and new forms of commercialization
  • the interconnection of economic sectors traditionally distinguished
  • new forms of the increase in value of the natural and cultural property
  • new forms of fight against social exclusion
  • the formulation of original forms of organization and participation of local communities to local development processes
  • new forms of communication and know-how transfer

These targets characterize a “pilot strategy”, territorially vital and economically sustainable, for the increase in value of local products, in particular facilitating through a collective action the access to the markets of little productive structures, supported, of course, by the improvement of the quality of life.

The operative targets find their synthesis in:

  • to join, to put online and to project toward the outside in univocal way the realities partner economic of the rural areas;
  • to realize and to implement the tools of communication able to join the operators of the District with own Agency of development, the Agencies of development between them and they "integrated System of the rural areas" - so constituted - with the rest of the world using the most advanced technologies of communication;
  • to stimulate the connection to the Integrated System of the rural areas of the interested operators.

And we like to offer above all such possibility to the poorer rural areas of the Planet. For the social and economic development of which we will try to enslave the most advanced technologies of the communication. Obviously in the full respect of their identities and their cultures and trying to remove all the obstacles of economic and technical nature that could hamper such run, involving in this people in tuning with our objectives.

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