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Wednesday 08 February 2023

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Legal information and Conditions of use of the site

Legal information
All the contents of the site RurISNet, what texts, graphic, logo, keys and icons, images, passages audio and software, the software used in the site RurISNet they are protected from the laws in subject of intellectual ownership industrial e/o and from the norms on the right of author and they are of ownership of Stepim s.a.s., of the connected societies, of his/her suppliers of contents. Every use, included the reproduction, the change, the distribution, the transmission, the reproduction, the visualization or the performance, of the contents of this site it is rigorously forbidden. Anybody part of the site can be reproduced, translated or converted in any electronic or papery format, without the preventive authorization written of Stepim s.a.s. The silence doesn`t result in some authorization. Stepim s.a.s. some responsibility is not taken on for possible caused damages, directly or indirectly, from use of the information and possible present softwares on the pages of the site.

Content and material inserted in the site RurISNet
The material and the information inserted by the consumers and contents in the site RurISNet can be modified by Stepim s.a.s. Stepim s.a.s. it reserves him the right not to accept the inserted data, to cancel in any moment the Nets of Agency of Development, the Agencies of development or the Firms whose presence, to his unquestionable judgment, is not held fit to the finalities of the same site. Stepim s.a.s., it finally reserves him the right to modify in any moment the conditions of signature. All the variations on the inserted contents, on the conditions of insertion brought to unquestionable judgment of Stepim s.a.s. will be communicated by e-mail to the parties.

Responsibility of the contents of the site RurISNet
The RurISNet platform has been projected and realized with the precise objective to realize a virtual plaza where the operators of the rural areas, or how much they have interest to interact with them, can position him to join in conversation between them, to show own products, own services with the purpose to propose them to how much interested in their purchase. Insofar the responsibility of all the information, the data, the softwares, the music, the sounds, the photos, the images, the video, the messages or any other material, is publicly accessible is privately transmitted, they reenter in the alone and exclusive responsibility of the subjects from which such contents originate. For as the consequential responsibilities from their use, that entirely revert on the subjects that use them. In any case Stepim s.a.s. can be held responsible of the contents introduced in the site by the advertisers neither of their use. We have not wanted to take care of the aspect of the economic transactions from the use of the RurISNet platform, leaving such aspect to the total responsibility of the parts, that will do the guardianships that will hold more opportune. The same thing for what pertains to the responsibility of the inserted data, that stays to total load of the advertiser.

Link to other sites
The site RurISNet can furnish link to other sites or to other resources of the Web.
The connections to other sites are present in the site of RurISNet only to give information held profits for the consumers of the same site and therefore Stepim s.a.s is not responsible in some way:

- of the operation of such sites or external resources, of the publicity that they bring, of the products and of the services that offer, neither for their completeness or reliability.
- for the possible violations of marks, copyright or other violations of rights of bystanders,
- for the possible presence of virus in the sites of connection,
- for the truthfulness and authenticity of the published contents.
- for possible damages suffered by the consumer in relationship to the content of the sites or in relationship to purchases of good or services effected through these sites.

The connection to other sites doesn`t implicate from Stepim s.a.s the assumption of responsibility for opinions, ideas, produced, information and services offered there..

Limitations of the responsibility
The use of the present site RurISNet happens only and exclusively to discretion of the consumer that uses it and is him the only and exclusive person responsible for every damage to his own computer or for the consequential loss of data from the possession unloaded such materials or from the used possession the present site Web and the relative contents.
Stepim s.a.s doesn`t guarantee, in form neither explicit neither implicit, that:

- the services and/or the products and/or the contained information in the present site can always satisfy the demands of the consumer, with express exclusion of any guarantee regarding the businesses and/or fitness to particular uses of the consumer;

- the present site Web will work without interruptions, with punctuality, in sure way or exempted by errors;

- what the results gotten by the use of the present site Web are truthful and reliable.

Stepim s.a.s won`t also respond for possible delays, difficulty of use, inaccuracies of information, virus of computer and other malfunctions and/or you lack some site Web and/or incompatibility of the site (and the relative contained files) and the browser of the consumer or other program of access to the site.
Stepim s.a.s. it won`t be in some responsible case for possible damages of any kinds and nature, also related to the loss of profits, of the commercial starting or of resultant data from an use of the consumer of the site Web and of the relative contents

Fraudulent use of the contents of the site RurISNet
Whoever comes to knowledge or has the suspicion of a fraudulent use of the information, of the data of the site RurISNet, immediately has to report what happened to the competent Organs of Police, giving us news what happened away email so that to allow us a timely intervention.

Resolutions controversies, applicable Law and Court jurisdiction.
Any controversy had to rise up between the consumer and Stepim s.a.s will be resolved in acquiescent way by both the parts, according to the principles of the good faith and the professional ethics; otherwise you/he/she will be disciplined by the Italian and subject law to the jurisdiction of the Italian judge. The Court jurisdiction is that of Catania.

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