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Monday 27 March 2023

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About Us

Stepim is a specialized firm in the individualization and in the realization of fit strategies to relaunch rural areas through the ideation, the development, the realization and the coordination of activity productive revolts to the young people.

From 1980 it develops his activity primarily dealing himself with development of the rural areas, realizing and coordinating initiatives for their concrete development in the following sectors: 

  • Organization and business management. Marketing. 
  • Integrated communication. 
  • Tourism. 
  • Search and coordination of the tourist flows. 
  • Technical support for the agriculture of quality. 
  • Production and transformation agricultural products. 
  • Net sale of agricultural products.

Strongly of such experience, Stepim holds mature the times to offer the possibility to have voice and visibility to the rural areas, using the great virtual plaza that is RURIS. And we like to offer above all such possibility to the poorer rural areas of the Planet. For the social and economic development of which we will try to enslave the most advanced technologies of the communication.

Obviously in the full respect of their identities and their cultures and trying to remove all the obstacles of economic and technical nature that could hamper such run, involving in this people in tuning with our objectives.

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