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Wednesday 20 February 2019

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Agencies of development list

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  • Aegion // Greece // Greece // Europe


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Erfc ERFC, taking stock from a host of EU networks of excellence, in which its founders participated or initiated, is established in a converge region (Western Greece), with an ever expanding network of offices in other Greek & EU Regions. ERFC, aims at serving as a best example of bottom up...

  • Bacau // N-e Romania // Romania // Europe

    Grupul De Actiune Locala Valea Bistritei

    The territory covered by the project project site consists of 12 villages (communes: Hemeius, Margineni, Letea Old Nicholas Balcescu Girleni, Racoviţa Blăgeşti, FILIPEŞTI, Beresti Bistrita Magura Louise Buhusi monks and city) located in the North of Bacau County and occupies an...

  • Mar Del Plata // Buenos Aires // Argentina // South america

    Bios Argentina

    BIOS es una ONG argentina, con veinte años de trabajo en ambiente y desarrollo sustentable. Trabajamos investigando y generando material de divulgación científica y periodística sobre: - Modelo rural - Problemática de los agroquimicos en la salud - Problemática de los agroquímicos en el ambiente -...

  • Buenos Aires // Argentina // South america

    Viajemos Al Campo

    Mayor portal de turismo rural de América Latina

  • Estepa // Andaluca // Spain // Europe

    Associazione Per Lo Sviluppo Rurale Estepa Sierra Sur


  • Mascalucia // Sicilia // Italy // Europe


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Stepim VISION Stepim is a firm specialized in the determination and realization of strategies that are valuable for the social and economical realities of the territory, from the idea, the development, the realization and the coordination of productive activities which are mainly addressed to young...

  • Mar Del Plata // Buenos Aires // Argentina // South america

    Red Proter

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Red Proter La prima Rete di Professionisti e Tecnici di origine Italiano Organizzazione basata sulla creazione e fortificazione delle Reti Istituzionali La sua area di competenza sono le relazioni con l’Italia e il suo legame con enti Nazionali del settore Pubblico e Privato

  • Calvatone (cr) // Lombardia // Italy // Europe

    Gal Oglio Po Terre Dacqua

    LAG Oglio Po is a Non profit Organisation (Lag Oglio Po is a private company whose partners are both private and public entities. The entire denomination is LAG Oglio Po terre d’acqua consortium society limited company). The Oglio Po Leader+ area is that part of the extreme south-east of Lombardy...

  • Faenza // Emilia Romagna // Italy // Europe


    TRAMES Association is a non commercial and non profit organisation dedicated to the European community programs. TRAMES organisation which has as its statutory and institutional aim the promotion of intercultural dialogue, the reciprocal exchange between European and non European cultures and the...

  • Ali Terme // Sicilia // Italy // Europe

    Comune Di Ali Terme

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Comune Di Ali Terme Alì Terme Municipality of Sicily, in the province in Messina, wide on an area of 6,15 Kmqs, with a population of around 2500 inhabitants (denominated Aliesi), situated along the Ionic coast to the feet of the Peloritani mountains, equidistant, only 24 Kms., from Messina and from the splendid...

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