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Friday 15 February 2019

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Ign E.v. (innovation. Cross-border Network)

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About IGN e.V.

"IGN -
INNOVATION.Grenzüberschreitendes Netzwerk e.V."
has been founded as a follow-up of BOW OpenGIS Strategy Seminar series GI2000 and GI2002 as a non-profit charity Association (gemeinnütziger Verein) by Czechia and Saxonia experts of Cybernetics, Geomatics, Cyberlaw, Economics, Mediamatics, Process&Project Management and Spatial Sciences at September 2nd, 2003 in Dresden (Germany) to support GEO - ENVIRO - SPATIO - oriented Interoperability, Sustainability, and Usability of Data, Services and Applications.

IGN is enabling a true multinational membership, but especially across borders, organizations and thematical sectors of Czechia, Polonia and Saxonia Euregia's.

IGN is offering consultancy and providing awareness support for data, information, knowledge and expertise services combined with management and know-how transfer openly and transparently to the public, but also promoting AWARENESS on INNOVATION's in postgradual education, and training, as well as providing research on sustainable development and innovation technology consultancy from local up to EURO_ASIA level.

Therefore, IGN is about networking european citizens, public administrations and private industries (especially SME's) interactively together in the past for FP6 & and actually for FP7 projects in the enlarged EUROPE of REGIONS, and is supporting the globalized, euro-regional, trans-national and / or cross-sectoral and cross-border networked, EAST-WEST and NORTH-SOUTH collaboration and interoperation.

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Info and contacts  Info and contacts

M.-a.-nexoe-str. 4 - 01217
Dresden (Germany Saxony - Germany)

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