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Wednesday 08 February 2023

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TRAMES Association is a non commercial and non profit organisation dedicated to the European community programs. TRAMES organisation which has as its statutory and institutional aim the promotion of intercultural dialogue, the reciprocal exchange between European and non European cultures and the reciprocal knowledge of the culture and history of European populations and activities. TRAMES participates in community programs in cooperation and exchange with other European countries, for contributing to the promotion of a common cultural space for European populations. Through the International projects the Association promoted the participation of young people and carried out the collaboration with other Public Institutions. The Association supports the European initiative for to develop the network project for the Schools and supports projects of inter-regional cooperation for the inter-municipal European networks: meeting place for all participants, share experiences and compare projects for the water protection project, social, cultural, eco-tourism and environmental valorization of Sea and Rivers.
Support activity continues with the preparation of educational tools: cultural and environmental education sheets for schools; texts in cultural and environmental communication for the protection of water (Sea, Rivers and river homes); analysis of feasible realization and organizing cultural and environmental guided visits and information material.

Info and contacts  Info and contacts

Via Lesi 13 - 48018
Faenza (Emilia Romagna - Italy)

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