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Wednesday 08 February 2023

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Grupul De Actiune Locala Valea Bistritei

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The territory covered by the project project site consists of 12 villages (communes: Hemeius, Margineni, Letea Old Nicholas Balcescu Girleni, Racoviţa Blăgeşti, FILIPEŞTI, Beresti Bistrita Magura Louise Buhusi monks and city) located in the North of Bacau County and occupies an area of 596.84 km2, with 83,802 inhabitants. This means a population density of 140.65 inhabitants/km2. Share of urban population in total population is 23.61% territory which is under 25% limit allowed under law.
The Partnership Presentation Schedule 2 (presentation planning sheet) for this project have mobilized a total of 40 partners, 12 of which public entities, 22 private companies and 6 NGOs. Share of public partners in the partnership structure is 30% and 70% are private partners.

Bacau Bistrita Valley Association (PRESEDINTE DORIN VIERIU) won the 10th place in ROMANIA/2009 (EAFRD funding) as a contract of funding for financial aid grant conditions of the program IN ROMANIA FOR THE PREPARATION OF NATIONAL RURAL DEVELOPMENT PROJECT FINANCIAL support for selected applications LAG Local Action Group Bistrita Valley - Bacau COUNTY

ACTIVITIES: 1. training and information actions, including dissemination of scientific knowledge and innovative practices of people involved in the agricultural, food and forestry, 2. use of consultancy services to farmers and forest owners, 3. increasing the value added of agricultural and forestry products; 4. diversification to non-agricultural activities; 5. support for creating and developing micro-enterprise in order to promote entrepreneurship and economic develop products 6. Encouraging tourist 7. basic services for rural economy and population; 8. Village renewal and development 9. conservation and upgrading of rural heritage; 10. promote cooperation and good practices between Bacau Bistrita Valley Association and other groups / partnerships to improve local development strategies as it is important that rural areas face similar problems can learn from each other, 11. financing of joint projects between such associations and foreign, 12. building representative local development partnerships; 13. carrying out research studies, 14. integrated development strategies; 15. prepare application files to participate in the selection procedure as the Association axis Bacau Bistrita Valley, 16. activities necessary for the functioning of these associations, 17. training managers / youth / persons responsible; 18. local development strategy and implementation of projects that fit the objectives of the strategy; 19. organization of promotional events designed to inform and promote local rural strategy.
presedinte DORIN VIERIU

Info and contacts  Info and contacts

Calea Moldovei, Nr. 82 - 
Bacau (N-e Romania - Romania)

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