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Wednesday 08 February 2023

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Gal Oglio Po Terre Dacqua

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LAG Oglio Po is a Non profit Organisation (Lag Oglio Po is a private company whose partners are both private and public entities. The entire denomination is LAG Oglio Po terre d’acqua consortium society limited company).
The Oglio Po Leader+ area is that part of the extreme south-east of Lombardy where the provinces of Brescia and Parma begin, where it is bordered by the river Po to the south and the river Oglio to the north. The territory counts 41 municipalities in the provinces of Cremona and Mantua.
This territory is a strategic environmental heritage site and a potential environmental corridor between the foothills of the Alps and the Apennines. It has a population of about 100.000 spread over 900 square kilometers.

The Oglio Po Waterlands GAL is the Local Action Group able to implement the directives of the Leader+ programme 2000 – 2006 and the IV Axes of Lombardy Regional Development Agricoltural Programme 2007 - 2013. It represents a number of bodies, associations, companies and organisations in the territory who have declared their interest in rural development and have shown their willingness and capability of developing and performing a common strategy of sustainable development.

The Leader area is extensive and boasts many kinds of assets closely linked to the environment, history, agriculture and cultural traditions.

The aim of the LDP (Local Developmnet Plan, approved by Lombardy Region in the framework of Lombardy Regional Development Agricoltural Programme 2007 - 2013), is to develop the area by enhancing its environmental content and disseminating the values of sustainable development both within the areas where the programme is implemented and also towards the outside by appropriate communication and user awareness.

To create an innovative model of integrated sustainable development of the territory.
The aim of the LDP is to encourage and support rural actors think about the longer term potential of their area. It seeks strictly to realize the implementation of integrated, high-quality, original strategies for sustainable development.

 Reinforcing economic environment in order to contribute to job creation
 Construction of a local tourist system founded upon the environmental and cultural values
 The preservation of natural and cultural local heritage
 The exploitation of environmental resources
 Planning and management of European programmes that involve local partnership (both public and private bodies)
 Cooperation
 Marketing of local resources
 Studies and research

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Piazza Donatore Del Sangue, 12 - 26030
Calvatone (cr) (Lombardia - Italy)

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