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Friday 20 May 2022

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Pianeta Stampa - Colora La Tua Vita

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Pianeta Stampa was founded in 2010 as the online store from a group of businessmen from Catania with twenty years experience in the field of advertising / signs to form a brokerage of advertising.

Taking advantage of today patnerships prestigious Pianeta Stampa is a leader in every sector of the press, the creation of gadgets, neon signs, street signs of all types and various other product categories.

The directional signs to business use, or for business, enables organizations to be visible and within easy reach of your potential clients. Pianeta Stampa provides this service complemented and enriched by the expertise gained in the design and graphics.

The directional signage proposal involves the construction of billboards, signs and directional arrows with the name and, where required or appropriate with the information you need to be easily reached and identified. The skills of graphic design company staff allow for tailored solutions that can capture the attention of the customer. Species in the signage is very important and essential that the message conveyed effectively reach and imprinted in the minds of users, making the country easy and impressive.

The consultancy advertising that the company has for years with profit and success, has enabled it to develop effective techniques in advertising, ensuring the full achievement of the objectives for any task.

The company also produces stickers, catalogs, advertising decorations on vehicles, signs, printed for events, advertising hoardings. It also deals with advertising campaigns on commercial vehicles serving as the reference point of the sector in regional and national levels.

Pianeta Stampa Shopping Press means to optimize the time to lower prices and more convenient for the end user.

For further information on the activities and services offered by or for a custom quote please contact us.

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Via Dante Alighieri 5a - 95028
Valverde (Sicilia - Italy)

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