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Friday 15 February 2019

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  • Aegion // Greece // Greece // Europe


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Erfc ERFC, taking stock from a host of EU networks of excellence, in which its founders participated or initiated, is established in a converge region (Western Greece), with an ever expanding network of offices in other Greek & EU Regions. ERFC, aims at serving as a best example... // Read all...

  • Bacau // N-e Romania // Romania // Europe

    Grupul De Actiune Locala Valea Bistritei

    The territory covered by the project project site consists of 12 villages (communes: Hemeius, Margineni, Letea Old Nicholas Balcescu Girleni, Racoviţa Blăgeşti, FILIPEŞTI, Beresti Bistrita Magura Louise Buhusi monks and city) located in the North of Bacau... // Read all...

  • Faenza // Emilia Romagna // Italy // Europe


    TRAMES Association is a non commercial and non profit organisation dedicated to the European community programs. TRAMES organisation which has as its statutory and institutional aim the promotion of intercultural dialogue, the reciprocal exchange between European and non European... // Read all...

The Companies
  • Services (Francavilla Di Sicilia // Sicilia // Italy // Europe) Produzioni Multimediali

    Read all Produzioni Multimediali Leader in design, production, implementation and management of web pages, CD-ROMs and multimedia presentations, E-commerce. We produce sites corresponding to the W3C guidelines on accessibility of websites. // Read all...

  • Products of biological agriculture (Paterno // Sicilia // Italy // Europe)

    Casa Delle Acque

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Casa Delle Acque Produzione arance con metodo biologico, vendita diretta con spedizione via posta con consegna al domicilio entro 3 giorni // Read all...

  • Services (Gravina Di Catania // Sicilia // Italy // Europe)

    Sandro Zaccaria

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Sandro Zaccaria Engineering consulting firm specialised in company's health and safety environment and in the implementation of Quality Management Systems in accordance with the European regulation UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 // Read all...

The Products from rural world
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Mygestauto Sl - Autosalone on web Produzioni Multimediali

Offer: €600.00/Pz
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Dessert Freddo di Pistacchio di Sicilia 500g

Price: €5.50/Kg
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Mycmscommerce - La soluzione E-commerce Produzioni Multimediali

Offer: €800.00/Pz
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I Limoni Di Sicilia Azienda Agricola Primofiore

Offer: €1.40/Kg
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Mypersonalb&b - Per le strutture ricettive Produzioni Multimediali

Offer: €500.00/Pz
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Le Mandorle Di Siclia Azienda Agricola Primofiore

Price: €12.00/Kg
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Bipack Dessert Freddo Cassata Siciliana 2X100g

Price: €2.50/Kg
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Limoncello  Piazza Azienda Agrituristica Piazza

Price: €9.00/Pz
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Bipack Dessert Freddo di Pistacchio di Sicilia 2X100g

Price: €2.50/Kg
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Miele Monofloreale Di Limone Azienda Agricola Primofiore

Price: €7.00/Kg

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