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Sunday 26 June 2022

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  • Calvatone (cr) // Lombardia // Italy // Europe

    Gal Oglio Po Terre Dacqua

    LAG Oglio Po is a Non profit Organisation (Lag Oglio Po is a private company whose partners are both private and public entities. The entire denomination is LAG Oglio Po terre d’acqua consortium society limited company). The Oglio Po Leader+ area is that part of the extreme... // Read all...

  • Mascalucia // Sicilia // Italy // Europe


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Stepim VISION Stepim is a firm specialized in the determination and realization of strategies that are valuable for the social and economical realities of the territory, from the idea, the development, the realization and the coordination of productive activities which are mainly... // Read all...

  • Dresden // Germany Saxony // Germany // Europe

    Ign E.v. (innovation. Cross-border Network)

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Ign E.v. (innovation. Cross-border Network) About IGN e.V. "IGN - INNOVATION.Grenzüberschreitendes Netzwerk e.V." has been founded as a follow-up of BOW OpenGIS Strategy Seminar series GI2000 and GI2002 as a non-profit charity Association (gemeinnütziger Verein) by Czechia and Saxonia experts of Cybernetics, Geomatics,... // Read all...

The Companies
  • Tourism (Gravina Di Catania // Sicilia // Italy // Europe)


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Windsicilycharter When the spirit of the sea comes into your veins you will not be able to get rid of For you who love the sea, the nature, the sunsets, the good cooking, we suggest a journey rich of emotions to remember. Miths, legends and the... // Read all...

  • Products of biological agriculture (Torre Di Mosto Ve // Veneto // Italy // Europe)


    Sacraterra was generated by a deep love, based on strong ties with nature established over many generations, and the quest for new links with tradition. Sacraterra produce organic medicinal plants such as lavandula , achillea ,... // Read all...

  • Tourism (Beni Abbes // Bechar // Algeria // Africa)

    Association De Developpement Des Echanges Sans Frontieres

    Presentazione dell'associazione Questa associazione, ADESF, nato a Beni-Abbes è principalmente il risultato di iniziative per i giovani "l'insegnamento stanza, luogo di lavoro e notevoli scoperte su flora e la fauna del Sahara e... // Read all...

The Products from rural world
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Dessert Freddo di Mandorla di Avola 500g

Price: €5.50/Kg
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Bipack Dessert Freddo Cassata Siciliana 2X100g

Price: €2.50/Kg
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Mycmscommerce - La soluzione E-commerce Produzioni Multimediali

Offer: €800.00/Pz
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Limoncello  Piazza Azienda Agrituristica Piazza

Price: €9.00/Pz
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Bipack Dessert Freddo di Pistacchio di Sicilia 2X100g

Price: €2.50/Kg
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Frumento Di Scilia Azienda Agricola Primofiore

Price: €0.30/Kg
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Scirtea Bianco Azienda Agrituristica Piazza

Price: €8.50/Pz
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Le Mandorle Di Siclia Azienda Agricola Primofiore

Price: €12.00/Kg
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Bipack Dessert Freddo di Mandorla di Avola 2X100g

Price: €2.50/Kg
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I Limoni Di Sicilia Azienda Agricola Primofiore

Offer: €1.40/Kg

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