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Monday 14 October 2019

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  • Mar Del Plata // Buenos Aires // Argentina // South america

    Bios Argentina

    BIOS es una ONG argentina, con veinte años de trabajo en ambiente y desarrollo sustentable. Trabajamos investigando y generando material de divulgación científica y periodística sobre: - Modelo rural - Problemática de los agroquimicos en la salud - Problemática de los... // Read all...

  • Mascalucia // Sicilia // Italy // Europe


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Stepim VISION Stepim is a firm specialized in the determination and realization of strategies that are valuable for the social and economical realities of the territory, from the idea, the development, the realization and the coordination of productive activities which are mainly... // Read all...

  • Buenos Aires // Argentina // South america

    Viajemos Al Campo

    Mayor portal de turismo rural de América Latina // Read all...

The Companies
  • Services (Catania // Sicilia // Italy // Europe)

    Photo Stories

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Photo Stories Photographic studio specializes in developing services were set as reportage and studio photography. We have room installation (with dressing room / locker room) equipped with continuous light and / or Flash to create photo... // Read all...

  • Services (Pretoria // Gauteng // South Africa // Africa)

    Aqua Salveo

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Aqua Salveo Water desinfectant:one application results in pathogenic bacteria free water (that remains pathogen free for up to two year), when applied correctly // Read all...

  • Agricultural products (Mascalucia // Sicilia // Italy // Europe)

    Azienda Agricola Primofiore

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Azienda Agricola Primofiore The Farm Primofiore is in delightful countryside of the Province of Syracuse, Sicily, Italy. A farm full of sun that produces lemons. almonds, carob, olive oil The farm is controlled and certified organic in conversion from... // Read all...

The Products from rural world
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Dessert Freddo di Mandorla di Avola 500g

Price: €5.50/Kg
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Dessert Freddo Cassata Siciliana 500g

Price: €5.50/Kg
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Miele Fiori Di Arancio Azienda Agricola Primofiore

Price: €6.00/Kg
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I Limoni Di Sicilia Azienda Agricola Primofiore

Offer: €1.40/Kg
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Dessert Freddo di Pistacchio di Sicilia 500g

Price: €5.50/Kg
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Frumento Di Scilia Azienda Agricola Primofiore

Price: €0.30/Kg
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Bipack Dessert Freddo Cassata Siciliana 2X100g

Price: €2.50/Kg
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Miele Monofloreale Di Limone Azienda Agricola Primofiore

Price: €7.00/Kg
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Le Carrubbe di Sicilia Azienda Agricola Primofiore

Price: €0.40/Kg
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Scirtea Bianco Azienda Agrituristica Piazza

Price: €8.50/Pz

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